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Scamorza, at the top of the typical Italian cheeses

The precious Scamorza calabra is a cheese fruit of a lucky human error. It is said that this popular pearl among the typical Italian cheeses was born from the mistake of a cheesemaker, during the preparation of the caciocavallo. The origins of the name scamorza come from the term scamozzare, that is to decapitate in reference to the processing phase in which the spun dough is manually divided into small parts, as is also done for mozzarella.

In the preparation of the scamorza cheese, after filtering the milk it is heated up to 30-35 ° and the calf rennet is added; 40 minutes later the curd is broken and left to rest for a quarter of an hour. At this point, deprived of the whey, the future scamorza is heated again to 65 °, broken again and then left to mature for about 5 hours.

Cut into strips, it is immersed in hot water to obtain the spinning. It ends with the hand slicing. The forms obtained are first cooled then immersed in brine, where they will acquire flavor. Considering that it does not require significant aging, production traditionally takes place during the summer months.

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