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Caciocavallo, pride of the South

Caciocavallo cheese is one of the flagships of the dairy tradition of southern Italy, a concentrate of aromas and flavors that enriches our tables with a unique and unmistakable taste thanks to the value of a millenary history. Hippocrates already talked about it around 500 BC when talking about the art of preparing cheese in the Greek colonies on the Peninsula. Famous Latin authors, such as Pliny, defined this cheese as "very delicate food".

Among the typical Italian stretched curd cheeses, Caciocavallo is represented by a good number of products, most of which come from the territories that made up Magna Graecia. In addition to the DOP Silano and Ragusano, the Palermo (or Godrano) caciocavallo and the Podolici, made from the milk of the Podolica cow, should also be mentioned. Among the latter the best known are the varieties of Gargano, Lucana and Campania.

In making Caciocavallo the manual skill of the cheesemaker is fundamental, who shapes the dough with boiling water to obtain the classic oblong shape characterized by the typical "head". After being cooled and immersed in brine for a variable period, the wheels are tied and hung for the seasoning phase.

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