For Whole Grain Bread

pane integrale pedon

The Vicenza based company Pedon has launched an innovative mix for making whole grain bread that is 100% free of gluten, lactose and a number of allergens. The mixture is composed of a flour derived from rice, as well as flax and sunflower seeds. The Easyglut product line that proposes a series of mixes to make gluten-free sweets and other baked foods is now nineteen strong.

The launch of the product has won the support of the Italian Coeliac Association (AIC), which has worked with this dynamic and sustainable company through the development phase. Pedon, an Italian leader in producing, packaging and distributing pulses and dry cereals, has distinguished itself in a number of important collaborations at the local and international level.

The company’s activities have also been recognized in the field of social responsibility during the recent Veneto Awards, which highlights the best of this Italian region’s production.