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For a Fistful of Euros

Minor provisions for more earnings and net profits of 450,000 euros in 2012. These were the financial results released by Apofruit, one of the most important agriculture cooperatives in Italy’s fruit sector. Production value reached 245 million euros, an 8% rise on the same figure for 2011.

Apofruit operates through brands like Almaverde Bio and Solarelli, but is also active in Selenella (potatoes), Pink Lady and Modì (apples) and Made in Blu (primarily kiwis). According to general director Renzo Piraccini, the group will continue to invest in “innovation, management efficiency and financial solidity”, aiming make exports account for 40% of income (it now sits at 31%).

In particular, GIFT media partner Modern Distribution reports that Apofruit is “looking overseas, above all in the kiwi and apple market that, together with plums and seedless grapes, will be the basis for our development strategy in these markets.”


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