Food Worth Protecting

made in italy

At the General Assembly in Milan on combatting counterfeiting, the head of Italy’s food industry federation, Filippo Ferrua Magliani, expressed alarm and urged institutions to fight against illegal copying of Italian food products.
“It is estimated that imitations of Italian food products are the source of an enormous amount of business worldwide, equal to around 60 billion euros,” he stated. “In Italy, the phenomenon is marginal thanks to quality guarantees provided by the food and agriculture industry. Consumers can be sure of the safety of what they find on the market.”
In order to thwart imitations “we have insisted on a series of initiatives to support the economy,” explained the head of the federation. “It is necessary to strengthen the authority of the entities which fight these imitations, build legal networks to address the issue in critical countries, as well as reinforce coordination with police.”
With the aim of fighting fraudulent activities, he continued, it would be opportune to “define bilateral agreements protecting food, launch awareness campaigns on the value of Italian products, cultivate relations with the primary players of the Horeca sector and large-scale distribution to encourage the entrance, as well as the permanence of authentic Italian products in foreign markets.”