Food Training Courses

Foodtraining covers a broad spectrum of material from haccpcourses and food safety requirements, to the laws that bind the industry internationally and the marketing practices that keep markets informed and goods on the move. Through its network of affiliates, Great Italian Food Trade organizes food training courses for organizations of any size, institutions at the central or territorial level, and in-house sessions for companies involved in production, distribution and ancillary services.    

With over 250 seminars successfully carried out in Europe and the Balkans, GIFT’s experience in offering high quality, value-added training is unique in breadth and scope, making it easy for enterprises to stay up to date, as well as benefit from the synergies created through the other advantages that are offered through our organization.

Our food training courses include: law, business operator responsibilities, risk assessment and evaluation, recalls and rapid alert systems, animal welfare, labelling, GMPs, registration and authorization, hygiene, official controls, importing, product origin, information for consumers and protection, nutrition, health claims, allergen declaration, advertising, merchandising, brand management, communication, customer centricity, coaching, and more.