Wine: Italy leads global production

Wine: Italy leads global production

905c6e81 cccc 46df a14a 8e8476f555abItaly is the world’s top producer of wine. The end of 2015 saw production reaching 48.9 million hectolitres, an increase of 10%.

This Italian achievement has been recognised by the OIV, the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, confirming that Italy has now overtaken France, whose production remains unchanged since 2014 at 47.4 million hectolitres.

Spain takes third place on the podium of the world’s biggest producers of wine, with production at 36.7 million hectolitres (+4% on 2014).


The rise of Chile

Wine production in the United States remains largely the same, increasing by 1% to 22.14 million hectolitres, while Chile  continues to rise, leaping ahead by 23% to 12.8 million hectolitres. Argentina loses its spot in the top five, with production down by 23%. 

Meanwhile, the situation for other major wine producers such as New Zealand and Australia, who have a great advantage in the Chinese market, remains unchanged.

Italy in China

Italy’s dominance as a global producer confirms the need to improve performance on the global market, in particular those markets with great potential such as China. Among the main suppliers of wine to China, Italy holds fifth place, and has ample opportunity to improve, given the growing appreciation of Chinese consumers for good quality wines.

Current trends are encouraging. According to estimates by the Institute for Study, Research and Information on Agricultural Markets for the Italian Wine Association (Ismea-UIV), export of Italian wines to China grew by 42% in volume and 60% in value in the first 9 months of 2015, representing an estimated total turnover of around 1.3 billion Euro.