When Fresh Is Out

Frozen vegetables have been the subject of many urban myths. Among the most popular is that to compensate for the freezing process they contain artificial colours. Aside from the fact that laws strictly forbid this practice, as well as the addition of preservatives, what you see is the real guarantee of quality. Just as fresh vegetables are naturally vibrant, freezing them virtually stops any organic deterioration, locking in flavour, aroma, nutritive properties and, yes, their colour.

Another common debate is whether vegetables are better fresh, or frozen. Experts agree that the nutritional value of both are the same. Moreover, in today’s globalised world, if secure transport and storing practices are not employed, the fresher vegetables can actually perform worse in this respect.

In particular, frozen vegetables play a very important role in practical terms for the contribution they provide to a healthy varied diet, making almost every kind of vegetable available, even off season, and catering to those who don’t have a lot of time to cook.