Vinitaly and Unaprol Look East

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Italian wine and extra virgin olive oil are set to come ashore in Hong Kong, the most important commercial port in Asia. A selection of Italian companies will participate in the Wine and Spirit Fair from November 7-9, 2013 in the special administrative region of the People’s Republic of China. Vinitaly international and 1.O.O.% oil labelled Unaprol, a consortium uniting some 500,000 oil producers in Italy, will be present at the event in a 1,000 square meter pavilion.

Hong Kong is the fifth largest market for wine globally, and over the course of this year, imports have shown a 20.9% increase in volume. Italian enterprises are also interested in the nearby PRC. To this end a representative office of Vinitaly will be opened at the Italian Foreign Commerce Institute in Shanghai, a newly designated Free Trade Zone.

The economic data from Unaprol demonstrate that olive oil consumption in China is a recent phenomenon, as well as quality focused. Italy is the world’s second producer, and is distinguished for the production olive oils of excellence, targeted to consumers with refined tastes, and money to spend.