italian cheese

Versatile in the Kitchen

Caciocavallo Silano is optimal eaten by itself, but it also serves as a fundamental ingredient in a number of delectable recipes. The cheese itself has a thin, waxy rind that encloses a compact and homogeneous interior. The color varies from white to an intense straw yellow closer to its external edge, with the presence of miniscule holes left over from the maturation process. The cheese melts in your mouth offering an exquisite mix of aromas, tending to sweet in the younger cheeses, piquancy in the elder.

It is easy to recognize the authenticity of this Caciocavallo due to the embedded stamp with the symbol of the consortium in charge of production refiguring a pine tree on a scroll stating Caciocavallo Silano DOP. Each form also has the identification number of the cheese maker that produced it.

According to the level of aging, it is amazingly versatile in the kitchen. When it is fresh, it can be warmed in a pan and eaten with the season’s best vegetables. Aged, it becomes a grating cheese for lasagnas and cannelloni, soups and minestrone. In can also be savored on crostini with a complex white, or robust red wine. One of the truely great Italian cheeses from the south.