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Veneto Exports Grow


Reaching 1.4 billion euros, wine exports are the calling card for the Veneto region. At 31% that means almost a third of all Italian wine distributed throughout the world comes from this region, which continues to distinguish itself for the quality of its products, as well as the dynamism of its 38,600 agricultural firms with vineyards stretching across a surface of 78,000 hectares, 63,000 of which are used directly in production.
In 2011, bottled wines represented 75.5% of volumes shipped abroad marking an increase of 11.5% compared to the previous year. Sparkling wine, accounts for 16.1% of Veneto wine sales outside Italy, also skyrocketed with growth at 24.5%. Cask wine, at 8.1% of wine exports, also grew by more than 30%.
In the last ten years the rankings for the most cultivated wine varieties has changed. In 2000 the top grapes were Merlot, Garganega, and Glera, which by 2010 saw the order totally reversed.
The wine industry in Veneto employs some 400,000 workers, and over half of the farm tourism structures in the region produce wine. 2% of the wineries possess renewable energy plants, 83% of which benefit from solar power.