Use It As You Would Mozzarella

Scamorza from Calabria is a stretched-curd cheese like many other cheeses with origins in southern Italy, but the sensory characteristics it delivers make it unique to the palate. The rind is ivory in color, semi-transparent and thin, the curd white and compact, free of eyeholes. The taste is mild, and can be placed on the spectrum between caciocavallo, drier and more flavorful, and mozzarella, more delicate.

Consumed fresh, Scamorza from Calabria is the perfect companion to raw or grilled vegetables, but is also used in a variety of recipes, from the simple to the elaborate. It is optimal cooked in a pan and served with toasted bruschetta, or as a substitute for mozzarella on pizza, or with baked pastas such as lasagna and cannelloni, or even stuffed potatoes with cubes of prosciutto.

It is also worthy to try cut into slices on a bed of juicy tomatoes, verdant basil and extra virgin olive oil for a caprese salad from another world. For more culinary ideas check out GIFT’s continually evolving Italian cheeses section.