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Unhealthy Recipes Abound

Packaged foods contain too much salt according to research conducted by Process Alimentaire, a French journal for the food and agriculture sector, stressing the alarm that the international scientific community has raised for years, and urging the reformulation of recipes for processed foods.

After comparing 341 products bought in eight different large-scale distribution outlets it emerged that the food industry’s recipes are still impermeable to the repeated recommendations of global health authorities, which advises not surpassing 5 grams of salt intake each day (8g for men and 6.5g for women in France), to prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease. All you need is to eat the wrong portion of pre-packaged ravioli, and 58% of your daily ration is accounted for.

The path to take travels in two directions. First, recipes must be reworked from the bottom up (see Hi-Food), combined with educational initiatives on correct nutrition, similar to what Italy has called for. As a part of the Guadagnare Salute (Earn your health) campaign promoted in 2010 by the Ministry of Health, bread producer associations began the gradual reduction of added salt in their products, which are a key component of the Italian diet.