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The Japanese Example


Healthy food and limited portions are the Japanese recipe for longevity. Perhaps the best example is that of the world’s oldest man Jiroeman Kimura, who died in Kyoto at the age of 116. This unique record holder often questioned on his lifestyle had a personal slogan ready for each response: “eat lightly and live longer”. Light eating habits that are based around fish and reduced levels of saturated fat are considered the most crucial element for expecting to enjoy a long life in Japan, where the new title has passed to Osaka’s Mrs. Okawa. At the age of 115, she is living proof of the same mantra as her predecessor. It is a valid proposal at any latitude, with the necessary variations each cuisine requires. In Italy, Sardegna’s centenarians have always observed it, even without renouncing pecorino cheese, wine and all the best the Mediterranean diet has to offer. What could be better than living long and eating what you like?