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The Group’s Strategy


San Benedetto has built, and intends to consolidate its position as the top player in the beverage sector of entirely Italian capital through the three pillars of process/product innovation, diversification to meet consumer expectations, and sustainability as the norm. The group’s Marketing Director, Vincenzo Tundo, calls it a “Total Beverage Company”, in an interview published by Distribuzione Moderna, “able to oversee all of the elements that make up the non-alcoholic beverage industry”.

Not just its standard product line will be highlighting its presence in this very competitive market. In Italy “where mineral water consumption is among the highest in the world with some 190 litres consumed per capita”, he stated, “55% of our turnover comes from other beverages with high added value,” like carbonated drinks. The fortress of its traditional market will not however remain unprotected with the opening of a new facility in Pollino, in Basilicata.

The San Benedetto group, in addition to the commitment to abating its carbon footprint derived from production, is also promoting different projects in collaboration with Italy’s Ministry for the Environment and the Region of Veneto to reduce the environmental impact of PET and plastic bottles.