The Environment for Success

Respect for the environment, low-emission production cycles, quality and tradition are the values that the Italian olive oil industry will commit itself to in order to continue its competitiveness on the international market, and overcome the crisis. Giovanni Zucchi, CEO of Oleificio Zucchi, highlighted the measures in a long interview with Distribuzione Moderna. The family owned and managed company, which has been in operation for over two centuries, has been able to look beyond the current economic downturn through its strong tradition, as well as focus on the environment and social responsibility. The commitment over the last 7 years (from 2005 to 2012) has reduced greenhouse gas emissions for every kilo of product by 25%, and brought the number of work related accidents to zero. Zucchi is looking to strengthen its brand in order to increase awareness in foreign markets. Among constant efforts to boost quality, Zucchi stated that in 2013 we will “increase volumes of oil exports, with particular attention to the olive oil range.”