Tergeo at WiGreen

Buying sustainable wine is now easier, thanks to Tergeo, the project coordinated by the Italian Wine Union desiged to implement practices that respect the environment in production and distribution. The exemplary model was awarded as a sustainable Practice + at WiGreen, the first international sustainability forum.
The companies participating in the initiative belong to all levels of the Italian wine sector, from equipment suppliers, to wine producers and university research bodies. With technical advice aimed at optimising production processes and streamlining performance, the hope is to rise in competitiveness rankings.
The strategies and priorities of Tergeo were laid down by committee made up of the projects members, as well as researchers from the primary Italian universities.
The first step is the correct use of substances to treat vines in line with the EU Pesticide Package. Actions to follow will include all of the most important stages in the farming and wine-making process, with one eye on the best use of resources, and the other on the market.