#StopGlyphosate? Then here’s #dicamba, the agrotoxin for new disasters

#StopGlyphosate? Then here’s #dicamba, the agrotoxin for new disasters

On many occasions we reported the serious damage and danger for human health and the environment linked to spreading glyphosate, the planet’s commonest agrotoxico (this is a more coherent definition of the so-called ‘agro-chemicals’). It was devised by Monsanto (with the brand #RoundUp), which then developed GMO soya and corn (1) with the precise aim of consenting the survival of those sole species before pesticide’s poisonous effects. And just when international protest against glyphosate reached a climax, here’s the new disastrous poison , #dicamba.  de5cacfa 564f 4f32 87a4 350fe4d8584f

#StopGlyphosate. The petitions that can be led back to the hashtag gathered millions of signatures globally, thanks to the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer)  scientific opinion on its cancerogenicity and documentation gathered (2) on the most tragic damage it causes on the population’s health. Not enough for the European Commission, which as usual favoured large lobbies, from agrotoxins and agriculturalists, with regard to consumer protection. Authorising in 2016 further renewal for the dangerous pesticide use, in blatant contrast to the so called principle of precaution (of which European policies should be printed) on the basis of which – in the absence of scientific certainty on the harmlessness of the substances – it is compulsory to hinder their usage.

#Monsanto Corporation also boasts an outstanding role in the history of mass destruction arms and dangerous substances. The palmares of disasters hold its contribution to the Manhattan project (whose lethal devices were unleashed on Hiroshima and Nagasaki), devising and producing the Agent Orange (which actually devastated Vietnam), PCB and dioxin, saccharine, aspartame, rBGH (Synthetic Bovine Growth Hormone). On appearance,  glyphosate is an almost banal weedkiller. Sure, it was highly successful, but its patent expired and the same will happen to GMOs made in its stead. So – awaiting the green light from the various countries’ Antitrust authorities to its acquisition by the Teutonic colossus Bayer (3) – Monsanto perfected a new extermination tool.

Dicamba, the super agrotoxico, in the 10 years’ preliminary recording demand, already gathered  certification of neurotoxicity, damage to the reproductive system, liver and kidneys, fetus malformation risk, toxicity for birds and water species, percolation in underground waters (4). Never enough to stop the authorities’ favourable order, thanks to the unstinting support of lobbyists from the Corporation,(5) as indeed occurred just when the media was distracted by the lively USA presidential elections (6). And even before EPA (Environment Protection Agency) gave the green light to herbicide, Monsanto had already manipulated and put on the market the only seeds able to resist it, like the soya ‘Roundup Ready 2 Xtend’. And the first purchasers had already caused the devastation of the ‘non-target’ fields – including both GMOs resistent to only glyphosate, and conventional plants of various species, such as fruit trees – on tens of thousands’ hectares of land. As dicamba is as deadly as it is volatile, and its poisonous effects can stretch over miles and miles (7).

The new disaster is ready, on a planetary scale. Dicamba will also be commercialised by the other members of the exclusive agrotoxic Group, Dupont and BASF. DuPont Pioneer and Syngenta will in turn put on the seed market, as of 2017, tens of varieties of dicamba-resistent GMO soyas (8). As well as Monsanto’s, whose presence or derivation – in food, animal feed and other products – was already authorised in Europe too until 2026 (9). It took 40 years to mature awareness of glyphosate trouble; how many more for dicamba macumba? Organic food choice may protect from its residuals in food, but little can be done to limit damage to the environment (which has repercussions on health, also via water contamination) but saying #Enough!

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Dario Dongo


(1) The perverse link between agrotoxin and biotech industries is stressed in the ebook ‘GMO, the Big Scam’, at

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(5) Monsanto’s intervention is as the level of Presidents and Secretaries of State, conservatives and democrats


(7) The first peach producer in Missouri, Bader Peaches, reported the loss of 30,000 plants. Cfr.