Stop Land-Grabbing

Land is an increasingly important resource, because it is becoming more limited. This pushes private and government investment funds to purchase vast tenures which can be qualified as hoarding in the truest sense of the word. This can be seen clearly in cases of so-called “land-grabbing” in developing countries, often occurring with the support of local governments, which strips land away from families and communities that have lived on it for generations. Often violent, it is done without warning, consensus or compensation. It is fundamental for enterprises active in the food industry to ask their suppliers for binding commitments on sustainable land use in order to contribute to the prevention of sacking natural resources, and avoid their deterioration. Companies also need to be sure that food does not come from land obtained through violating community rights. These actions can have a positive impact on businesses in the food sector in maintaining the land’s fertility in the long term, as well as building lasting transparent relations with locals.