Steeped in Traditions

Italy’s alcohol producers stand out for the incredible variety of liquor and spirits they produce, which like many other elements of Italian food and beverage history stem from a long tradition of innovation and excellence. Many of these truly unique elixirs have their roots in the monastic traditions that characterised the Middle Ages and Renaissance during which monks experimented with the infusion of a rich selection of herbs and aromas. The other first producers were simple farmers whose ingenuity led to the creation of alcohol based liquors and spirits with a deep connection to the bounty of the land, respect for its resources and the close social relations that are typical to rural life. Today’s alcohol producers, and the global audience of consumers who enjoy their products, benefit from both of these traditions, in addition to increasingly sophisticated techniques that ensure the original quality of these beverages is maintained even as production volumes increase. Whether your after dinner wish is a limoncello, grappa, amaro or Sambuca, these masters will continue to surprise.