Safeguarding Memory


Consuming olive oil on a regular basis is good for memory and overall brain health. A study carried out by the Italian Institute of Cellular Biology and Neurobiology, a branch of Italy’s National Research Council (CNR), published in the journal Nutrition confirmed the beneficial role of polyphenols, natural substances found in large quantities in this uniquely Mediterranean elixir.

The analysis performed by the Italian researchers unveiled the mechanism through which polyphenols in olive oil act on neurological function specifically in mammals, producing two growth factors (Ngf and Bdnf) in neurons in areas of the brain involved in learning and memorization.

The scientific evidence provided by the CNR can be added to the existing volumes of literature on the healthy properties of olive oil, which is also indicated as a valid anti-inflammatory agent, among other remedies. For these reasons many dieticians recommend consuming two tea spoons of raw extra virgin oil per day for obtain maximum results.