Research Published by BMJ

Increasing consumption of omega-3 can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by as much as 14%. The latest confirmation of the beneficial properties of this essential fatty acid emerges from meta-analysis conducted by researchers at China’s University of Zhejiang published in the British Medical Journal. The team led by Dr. Duo Li was even able to isolate the dose with the effects. Probability decreases by 5% with the intake of 0.1 grams of marine omega-3 per day. The statistics covered 26 publications, 11 articles on eating more fish, 17 on marine omega-3 supplements and 12 on the role of alpha-Linolenic acids, with data coming from a total of 800,000 participants and 20,000 cases of breast cancer. Of the three areas addressed, that relative to omega-3 (PUFA) produced the most significant findings in terms of prevention.