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Research Marks Progress


Consumers prefer products which boast less salt. This is the conclusion of a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, highlighting how the connection between what you eat and health is continuing to become clearer for shoppers, as well as more decisive for business. The scientific work was conducted by researchers from the University of Toronto, who showed 506 Canadians, some sufferers of high blood pressure, four fake food packages, each with different claims. In three cases a claim was made over the product’s reduced salt content and its other health benefits, while the fourth only mentioned its superior flavour. The results of the trial championed the food packaging with healthier texts, even if the list of ingredients was the same for each of the samples. This research could now help convince the segments of the food industry least open to the low-salt revolution. It is certainly an “assist” to the World Health Organisation, as well as national and European programmes, which for years have tried to reduce daily salt intake to below 5 grams in order to fight its devastating impact on the cardiovascular system.