Quality and Technology

“Italian? Pizza, spaghetti, mandolino!” This was a classic joke for the English, with a little irony and a little envy over the delicacies, colours and even the music of Italy. In the popular imagination, pizza and Italy are synonymous, and it should be the same even when it is frozen. But the word pizza is victim of still more extravagant abuse. If one takes a look at its consumption around the world, in many countries pizza is considered an American specialty, merit of the country’s prowess in production and distribution in the frozen food sector.

The higher quality of Italian frozen pizza, however, is linked to the fact that thanks to innovative and tightly controlled freezing techniques it can maintain the aroma and taste of an Italian pizza that is fresh out of the "big" oven. All along the cold chain careful attention is paid to preserving the characteristics that make this product unique, over long distances, even as far as India, where Italy’s frozen pizza has literally exploded among the metropolitan masses. For those global consumers that don’t have the possibility of sitting down at the corner pizzeria, they can enjoy a strictly ‘Made in Italy’ frozen pizza in the comfort of their own home. No imitations, please!