Quality and Respect for Tomato Products

de rica

Generale Conserve has acquired the historic Italian peeled, sauced and pulped tomato brand De Rica in yet another operation that the group’s Chairman, Vito Gulli, would define as one of “quality and respect”. In the philosophy of Italy’s leading canned fish and beef producer, with brands like AsdoMar and Manzotin (bought last May), these two elements are synonymous with Italian products of excellence, together with sustainability in production cycles.

According to sector journal Distribuzione Moderna, De Rica accepted the offer placed by the Genoa based group on grounds of the prospects for development in “continuing to take advantage of the growing value of Made in Italy products”, and putting “environmental and social sustainability” at the center of company policy. De Rica’s facilities will remain in Italy, together with its contracted suppliers.

Parallel to the cession of De Rica, a supply contract was stipulated with Conserve Italia, the huge cooperative that formerly held the brand.