Products of a Unique Landscape

Agrumi-Gel is located in the heart of Sicilian territory, along the island’s northeastern coast, a strategic point for the procurement of the highest quality citrus, and dispatching it via land or sea to any destination. The enterprise has been sending out the bounty of the Mediterranean’s core for decades, making the best of Made in Sicily known to the rest of Europe, as well as, North Africa, Japan, Australia and the United States.
The fact that Agrumi-Gel processes exclusively fruit from Sicily is a point of pride for the company. Lemons come from Syracuse, Palermo and Acireale, blonde and blood oranges from Catania, Syracuse, Enna, Messina and Capo d’Orlando. Agrumi-Gel has also recently set up a consortium including some of the region’s top citrus producers in order to ensure constant supplies, and guarantee the absolute traceability of the products. Filiera Agroindustriale Consortile Siciliana, or FAICOS AOP, unites the largest players in the territory under a collaborative umbrella to integrate the industrial and agricultural aspects of the business.