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Product Added to European Register

Gragnano pasta celebrated the official recognition of its IGP status in Brussels on December 2, 2013. During the institutional event turned party the serotonin benefits of the pasta itself seemed to spread into the parliamentary chamber with a jovial atmosphere drawing hundreds of people from a variety of nations to EU headquarters to taste the bounty of this product prepared by Michelin-starred chef Rosanna Marziale.

Former Italian agricultural minister and current head of the European Parliament’s Commission for Agriculture and Rural Development, Paolo De Castro, chaired the initiative, and was hailed by the Gragnano pasta producers’ consortium for his support of the IGP registration of the product. The protective certification was awarded in October, when the executive administration approved its entrance into the EU framework.

A statement from the group defines it as a “huge achievement” for the entire territory of Gragnano, and its over five centuries of pasta tradition and history. A reality that has been exported since the very beginning as an ambassador of Italian food excellence.