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Possible Agreement with Sears


Is supermarket chain Conad getting ready for the USA? The news isn’t official yet, but it is of great interest for Italian food product exports to the United States. Leaks of the news came from Italian economics weekly Il Mondo, and subsequently by Distribuzione Moderna. According to reports Conad, Italy’s second largest distributor, is in the midst of defining a framework agreement with Sears, the Chicago based US retailing firm, in addition to thousands of supermarkets operating inside the American market to sell food under the ‘Sapori e Dintorni’ label. This is the trade brand used by Conad to bring a large portfolio of traditional and local Made in Italy food products to market.
The expansion project has reportedly already been presented to various credit institutions, and confirmation is expected shortly. Italian companies in the food and agriculture sector are ecstatic over the possibility of launching, or reinforcing their exports to the US, after years of waiting for an Italian retail group to spearhead the market to spread Italy’s food culture, and the products that represent it.