Part of SIMEI-Enovitis

Sustainable wine making will be the focus of SIMEI-Enovitis 2013, the most important national showcase for the latest techniques and technology, as well as machinery and services in the Italian wine sector. The event will be held in Milan from November 12th to 16th. In particular, the sustainability of products and production processes will be the focus on the 14th in the Sal Gelmini of Fiera Milano’s Stella Polare Conference Centre. It will also be the first convention for the Tergeo project.

The 200 wine making companies that adhere to this initiative promoted by the Italian Wine Union, as well as other partners will share the results of the first round of self-evaluation according to Tergeo requirements. It is a tool developed by the University of Milan and the OPERA think tank at its Catholic counterpart in Piacenza that allows producers to apply eco-friendly practices in an autonomous manner during various stages of producing wine. During SIMEI an international workshop will also be held with the participation of all players involved in this theme worldwide in order to define guidelines for the future.