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Parma to Host Top Sector Event

The Cibus International Food Salon is set to return to the Fiera di Parma exhibition center from May 5th to 8th 2014. The seventeenth edition of Italy’s primary food event is dedicated to strategies for penetrating foreign markets. New records are sure to be set this year with an estimated 2,500 exhibitors and 3,000 visitors arriving from around the globe.

Particular attention will be dedicated to the specific needs of the Italian SMEs that have room to improve their export potential. It is a fundamental sector for Italy, considering that one out of five food items is sold abroad, and almost 40% of companies operate internationally. Next to large scale distribution as a vehicle for the best of Made in Italy in the world, traditional models of retail sales and restaurants will be explored, not to mention the opportunities offered by the internet.

Cibus will also see the presence of producers active in the organic, gluten-free, sweets, frozen foods, regional products and sparkling wine segments. Moreover, Cibusland initiatives will allow participants to take advantage of offsite events in the streets of Parma, Parco Ducale and Ponte Nord.