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National Initiatives


Albeit with some delay, some Italian food retail chains have started looking at overseas markets. This is evident in the many initiatives undertaken by various players. The development model of the Italian food retail sector has given cooperatives and other forms of associated enterprises a leading position. Issues linked to this form of organization explain the wait to go overseas.

On the other hand, these companies are the main players in the attempt to open new markets. After launching activities in neighbouring Albania (where PAM also holds interests), CONAD now seems ready to enter the US market. COOP-Italia moved towards an international perspective with its stake in EATALY, which has outlets in New York and Tokyo. The experience of CRAI, which first arrived in Malta and Switzerland, then expanded farther into the countries of continental Europe, North Africa and the BRICS, should also be mentioned here. The strategy was based on positioning "Genuinely Italian" products through a relationship marketing model with proximity shops and safeguarding Italian food with its own "Piaceri Italiani" line.

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