More Than Just Oranges

arance rosse

The Sicilian blood orange can be peeled and enjoyed in all its glory, as well as used in fresh-squeezed juices or made into marmalade. It is also often used in recipes for sweets, sometimes even in marinates for a raw fish carpaccio. It is also the most important ingredient in the recipe for a classic Italian salad with oranges, fennel and walnuts.

The blood orange pulp that remains after squeezing is also optimal for refining sauces used with meat recipes, especially duck and other wild game such as boar, to give them that characteristic balance of sweet and savoury flavours, the hallmark of nature herself.

The use of oranges in recipes has taken off in international cuisine thanks to Sicily’s culinary tradition and the ability of Italy’s gourmet chefs. The Sicilian blood orange is absolutely unbeatable with swordfish or fresh tagliolini pasta, suckling pig or beef filets, in desserts like Bavarian cream, and jelly. Nothing is left to waste, even the peels are candied!