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Modern Farming on the Agenda


This year’s EU-China Business and Technology Cooperation Fair will include modern farming among its points of focus. Entitled "EU-China Innovation Cluster Cooperation", the event will also address the bio-pharmaceutical, environmental protection, new energy and IT industries. The fair, now in its 7th edition, has achieved an overall attendance of over 1,300 companies, organizations, universities, governmental bodies and research institutions from the EU and more than 2,700 Chinese counterparts.

It has become a prominent investment, trade and technology cooperation platform between the EU and China. Experts, scholars and business players in the targeted sectors, as well as governors and officials from both China and the EU will be invited in order to share the latest policy information, frontier technology achievements and trends as well as business best practices. A seminar on the modern farming pratices of the Sichuan region, one of China’s largest food producing areas, will also shed light on its massive agricultural system.

The recently established EEN West China network – representing China’s 10 western Provinces and Regions – will make the fair the first ever international gathering for its partners and members, welcoming guests from some 50 countries.