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Marsalawine 2013


The MarsalaWine international wine exhibition was held in the Sicilian city of Marsala July 5-7, the high point of planned celebrations as 2013’s European Wine Capital. Among the tastings, meetings and book presentations, it was also possible to gain more in-depth knowledge on Sicilian wines, from traditional varieties like Nero d’Avola and Grillo, to new offers in sparkling wine and liquor. The island’s most famous producers – De Bartoli, Donnafugata, Donna Franca, Florio, Baglio Oro, Carlo Pellegrino and Caruso&Minimi – were present, showing wine’s importance as an economic and cultural patrimony.
Marsala wine was granted the DOC geographic protection indication in 1969, with its unique characteristics deriving from the necessity of conservation attracting the tastes of consumers all over the world. Its territory, history and international fame have led to efforts to enhance cultivation and production techniques, with producers competing globally offering both sweet and dry versions of their wines, different aging processes, in addition to new direct sales channels, such as home delivery with the logistical support of companies like UPS and Mail Boxes Etc.