Let Quality Be Protected

With law EEC n. 2081 n 1992, the European Union launched the first legislation to protect food and agriculture products with specific geographical indications linked to their origin. Since 2009, the European system can also be applied to wines. These actions were carried out in order to harmonise and assimilate the numerous systems of quality certifications that were previously found throughout Europe.

In the over 20 years since the regulations were passed, more than 1,000 quality products of origin have been registered in the EU database (DOOR). Some of these products even come from outside Europe, and fall under the categories of Protected Designation of Origin (DOP), Protected Geographical Indication (IGP), and to a lesser extent Guaranteed Traditional Specialty (STG). Italy is in the top position for number of products. The register for wine and liquor alone (E-Bacchus) has more than 1,500 items.
Estimated earnings from these products amount to over 14 billion euros.

It is also worth mentioning the EU’s bio certification. Production norms for organic farming were officially defined by Council n. 1991 and n. 834 in 2007, introducing the label on July 1st 2010.