Italian Certification Companies


Food certification companies fulfil a crucial role in upholding and verifying the standards that guarantee process and product safety, quality standards and other requisites for consumers, ensuring compliance with the strictest requirements. Regulations that food products must comply with vary greatly at the international level, along with the series of analysis they are subject to, however, in an increasingly globalised marketplace it is of primary importance to make sure there are objective systems in place to certify food in absolute terms. Food certification companies differ in size and scope, but there has been clear action in unison with retailers and institutions to create sets of internationally recognised standards that spans the globe. Perhaps the best example of such this move is the publication of the ISO22000:2005, the global reference point for food safety throughout the entire supply chain. Since 2011 the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has acknowledged the FSSC22000 certification, based on ISO 22000, as an equivalent to any retail-driven scheme (i.e. the BRC Global Standard, IFS Food, SQF 2000).