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Intelligent Pricing Key Factor

Japan remains a key market for Italian olive oil exports. According to a recent article in Natural Theater, olive oil consumption in the “Land of the Rising Sun” have been on the increase for the last 20 years, with 2011 and 2012 reaching record imports of some 45,000 tonnes (+ 23% on the previous year). The Japanese market must be approached with commercial policies that leverage prices, as well as place emphasis its link to staying healthy. This is how the product has arrived on tables in the country, but it still has to complete with other Made in Japan vegetable oils on the market, some of which have government issued quality certifications. The credibility of the system, however, isn't free from scandal, which could lead to advantages for olive oil, together with intelligent pricing. According to research carried out in Tokyo, 77.7% of those interviewed consider price the primary factor when purchasing an oil, followed by its health value (58.2%).

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