Integrated Pest Management, EU Solution for Safeguarding Agriculture

IntegratedPestManagement in agriculture will be mandatory throughout the European Union from January 1, 2014. The measure (Reg. 1107/2009/EC) aims at reducing the environmental and health risks that come with the use of pesticides through the adoption of more advanced agricultural processes, and the employment of molecules with lower toxicity levels.

The regulation delegates to individual member states the task of implementing the practices inside their national borders with the aid of guidelines for the farming industry, as well as the authorities charged with controlling procedures.

As for Italy, the first country to have introduced this type of pest control into its agriculture, the practice is outlined in law Dlgs. 150/2012 under the following 8 points:

– Use of integrated techniques (by agronomic, genetic and hygienic means; use of useful organisms)
– Monitoring, forecasting meteorological conditions; providing weather warnings
– Begin interventions at territorial level
– Priority to organic or physical solutions where applicable
– Selective phyto-sanitary plans
– Containing doses and limiting number of chemical treatments
– Diversifying active substances to avoid insurgence of resistance
– Verifying success of strategies employed