In the Lands of Hope

Hope for the future? Ask about it in China, Malaysia, Turkey or Latin America. According to a study published by the PEW Research Global Attitudes Project, the emerging (and emerged) economies that are towing growth worldwide are also those with the most prevalent dose of optimism. These countries are in fact characterised by higher percentages of inhabitants that are satisfied with the current state of affairs, and think that the future will be even better.

So great expectations are at home in the countries identified in the book entitled The Growth Map as the new engines for development at the global scale. Citizens in these places don’t only feel more gratified, but they are also more hopeful. In China and Malaysia, the number of people that are “happy or content” about the direction they have taken is over 80%.

In the other nations that were put under the microscope satisfaction was less intense, but on average they do see rosy days to come. In South Africa, for example, it reaches 45% and in Kenya 48%. In Europe, the most optimism can be found in Germany (57%), while the Mediterranean shows the least, oscillating between 2% and 5%. It would seem that austerity and optimism are not one and the same thing.