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Helping Families in Need


AsdoMar tuna is part of the food rations distributed to Sardinia’s poverty-stricken by Caritas, the charity organization of the Italian Episcopal Conference. For two months 66,000 boxes of the famous Generale Conserve brand, the only one entirely processed on the island, have entered the solidarity bags received by 1,250 Sardinian families.
The AsdoMar project is concrete help to the eight Caritas diocesans that support with great commitment local families in difficulty, offering cafeteria meals and food packages. The hope is that other companies take inspiration from AsdoMar. “We don’t even have pasta in our centres,” stated Don Marco Lai, the regional delegate for Caritas. Chairman of Generale Conserve also spoke out stating “Those who can must help, and I will act so that other entrepreneurs follow AsdoMar’s example. We have the idea that only by providing work we can contribute, but it is just doing business as usual.” Five years ago the group removed Palmera production from Sardinia. In 2010 a new facility was inaugurated, employing 330 people.