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Oxfam Italy is part of the organisation’s international confederation, an independent network which fights against injustice and poverty in 92 countries. With over 3,000 partners, it carries out emergency operations during calamities or conflicts, implements development plans to make individuals autonomous and able to take control of their lives, as well as supports opinion and education campaigns. The organisation collaborates with farmers to increase their opportunities for earnings in addition to creating more efficient, fair, and sustainable production chains both for the environment and those that work within it. Current programmes include those in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Palestine, and the Dominican Republic to name a few. With the GROW – Food, Life, Planet project, Oxfam acts directly on the causes of food injustice in a world where a billion people are strike with famine and 50% o food is wasted. The objective is to unite governments and companies to cultivate better, valuing the activities of the small farmer, giving them the land and resources necessary to live, guiding company policy and behaviour towards more sustainable production and distribution, while asking consumers to make more ethical choices.