Great to Taste

The exceptional quality of ASDOMAR tuna fillets is the result of optimal synergies between craftsmanship and advanced technology. Selecting and cleaning each tuna fillet is united with enhanced cutting techniques that guarantee each package is perfectly filled, and each fillet is intact.

ASDOMAR’s whole tuna fillets have always been products with unique characteristics, due to choosing the best fillets for achieving unmistakable taste. Tuna bellies are the richest and most precious parts of the fish, for inviting recipes of unforgettable flavor dedicated to those more discerning palates.

For daily eating, ASDOMAR tuna in 80g and 160g packages is delicious on its own, or in any kind of recipe from extravagant rice and pasta salads, to sandwiches, pizzas, and anything that creativity can muster in the kitchen. Its natural versatility make tuna fillets ideal for light and refreshing meals with a low fat content.

Mackerel and sardine fillets are also prepared as tradition dictates, and are cleaned and packaged by expert hands. For this reason they remain delicate, and offer all of their uniqueness.