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Gluten-free, The Truth on Labels


The FDA has approved regulations governing the use of “gluten-free”, and similar expressions, which can be placed on product labels voluntarily on the condition that their gluten contents don’t surpass 20 ppm, the same limit fixed by the European Union. It is an important step forward for the roughly 3 mln people suffering from celiac disease in the United States, who will finally be able to distinguish the foods that are compatible with their dietary needs.

A transitory period of a year has been established to allow local operators to adapt to the new system. According to estimates, 5% of products on the US market at present with the “gluten-free” label have more of the protein composite than the new regulations permit. The only negative aspect of the FDA decision regards presenting any type of food as “gluten-free”, including those that don’t have any gluten naturally. European rules on the other hand don’t grant the possibility of boasting the absence of gluten in foods that are generally lack it.

Growing awareness in the US on over CD is set to offer new opportunities for exports from Italy, the first European country in terms of production, research and development of special diet and gluten-free foods of absolute excellence.