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Gluten Free Pizza

Dr. Schär, a company from in Italy’s South Tyrol autonomous province, which has conquered leadership in the European gluten free market over the last 30 years, has acquired Gourmet Italia, an enterprise specialized in ready to eat frozen specialties from the Italian gastronomic tradition, like ravioli, tortellini and lasagne. In doing so, the Alto Adige based group has consolidated its lead in Europe with a substantial diversification of its product portfolio.

Through the operation, the structure of Gourmet Italia will remain unaltered, keeping the same employment levels, according to Italian sector journal Distribuzione Moderna. This means that CEO Adriano Aliani will not be replaced, and that company headquarters will stay where they are in Borgo Valsugana. Its 103 employees, mostly women, will also keep their jobs.

The business plan for Dr. Schär, which includes 11 million euros in investment over the next 2 years, paves the way for the construction of a new gluten free frozen pizza production facility to meet global demand for this quickly growing segment.