Fruit and Vegetables Best Sources

Eating habits that are rich in polyphenols make people live longer. Already known for their positive impact on health, these naturally occurring compounds in fruit, vegetables and extra virgin olive oil – the foods at the base of the Mediterranean diet – are now connected to a drastic reduction in mortality.

The research published in Journal of Nutrition was conducted in the Chianti area of Tuscany, and followed 807 men and women in the “over 65” category for a 12 year period. An innovative method was adopted, with the use of bio-indicators in urine to measure daily intake of polyphenols. A correlation was highlighted between higher concentrations and a decrease in deaths, of any cause, equal to 30%.

The benefits are associated with consumption of at least 650mg of polyphenols each day, a quantity that can be reached through a diet rich in raw vegetables and fresh fruit (grapes in particular). All this to combine longevity with wellness, adding years to your life and vice versa.

Polyphenols, as demonstrated in previous studies, have shown themselves to be valid antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and to protect the body against various types of tumors.