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Franciacorta with Champagne

Italian sparkling wines should be satisfied by the many mentions in the prestigious World Encyclopedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine by Tom Stevenson, published by Christie's auction house. Franciacorta, Oltrepò Pavese, Trento DOC and Alta Langa are all a eulogy to the 100% Italian Charmat Method, which differs from the classic Champenoise in that the second fermentation does not take place in the bottle. The most illustrious product of which is Prosecco.

Italian bubbly occupies both award stands and pages of the guide, next to the best of French Champagne, but with something more. Italian wines, like many other products of the Made in Italy food tradition, are unique in the world for their diverse territories of origin and high-end productions.

Franciacorta, with 61 producers reviewed, took the lion's share, but there was also space dedicated to fine bottles from Trentino, with Ferrari, Piedmont and Veneto, with Cartizze Dry by Bisol.

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