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FARE provides up-to-date information on the evolution of regulatory aspects and their potential impact on clients’ interests, for example: production and product requirements, consumer information, consumer protection and liability. There is special focus on regulatory trends which may influence strategy and business planning, including upgrades in technology and/or process methods. Legal and technical assistance in interpreting and implementing applicable rules is also provided. FARE’s monitoring and background research concerning news, activities and targeted studies is also fundamental for businesses. Monitoring of legislative and political trends ensures appropriate alignment of business development (i.e. key nutrition facts, CSR approaches). To keep the pace with the challenges that the globalised market brings about every day, it is essential to be ahead of the game. FARE offers a wide network of international contacts through all levels of the agri-food chain. FARE is able to anticipate future regulative scenarios, enabling its clients to think forward when planning investments and making strategic decisions.