Food Marketing 3.0

Food Marketing 3.0

The revolution in the relationship between businesses and consumers has already taken place, but few top managers and entrepreneurs in the food and drink sector have noticed. They insist on the old style of unilateral communication, ignoring the web and social networks. To do better, they should study and put into practice the teachings of Julio Wallowits and Pau Virgili, authors of the book Reconciliation with the Consumer (Ediciones Urano, Barcelona, Empresa Activa).

Reconciling with consumers means putting you in their position, or “our” part, because all of us – once the various uniforms of our commitments have been taken off – are prosumers. Real information is needed on the values that animate business, the commitment to quality, working conditions and respect for the environment, all of which impacts favorably on local communities. In other words, sustainability.

There appears to be no other way in the current market, as well as that of the future. Read to believe the series of case-studies, including the experiences of two food giants like Danone and Coca-Cola, among others.

It is a “must read and implement” for marketing in the third millennium.

Dario Dongo, GIFT Founder