Food Industry in the Spotlight

The 2015 Universal Exhibition scheduled to take place in Milan is an event that is calling all of Italy into action. This fact was stressed by Prime Minister Enrico Letta, who spoke in the regional capital of Lombardy on November 21, 2013 during the presentation of the Italian Agenda for 2015, a plan to support Expo 2015 developed by his administration.

The program includes 60 initiatives in nine working areas outlining various proposals from food and tourism, to developing the territories from which Italy’s extraordinary food and agricultural patrimony stems. These are converging sectors, the territory taken with its products of excellence, which the government intends address at 360°.

Letta highlighted the spirit of the project as “the best way, because all of Italy will have the chance to participate in the Expo”. This idea is shared by Lisa Ferrarini, head of the meat industry organization ASSICA, according to whom “the Italian pavilion will be a showcase for all elements of the Italian food industry, including cured meats, olive oil, sweets, wine and produce”. “The country as a system needs to believe in the Expo to take advantage of its unique opportunities”, she continued.