Finest Companies

The very heart of GIFT’s aim is to take the excellence of Italian food producers, and bring their products to tables around the world. The following section provides a selection of Italian companies whose reputation for quality, sustainability, and wholesomeness has permeated the Italian penninsula, and in many cases beyond. Whatever the scope of each firm’s operations, our goal is to build on them by sending vital information to key markets to deliver the deserved results.
The Italian producers featured here cover everything from the largest food groups which already have large international promotional budgets to the small and medium-sized enterprises looking for the most direct path to brining their products to foreign markets. No matter the size, the common thread which unites is the demand for Italian food company excellence that the international marketplace is calling for.
GIFT is the perfect venue for this journey of discovery, offering the most up-to-date and complete presentation of Italian food companies that is currently on the web, together with facts and analysis which help increase awareness across the food sector’s value chain. Operators in international markets are now free to discover the very best in Italian food products through the incentives and initiatives offered here.